The Latest on MACRO (Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland) Outcomes

The Latest on MACRO (Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland) Outcomes  Whether MACRO is led by an external community-based organization or the Oakland Fire Department (OFD), the program’s important intended outcomes remain unchanged. They include: Decreased negative outcomes from law enforcement response to nonviolent 911 emergency calls, especially among Black, Indigenous and People of Color […]

Read Surviving the Firestorm by Dr. Carmen Carrillo

Surviving the Firestorm By Dr. Carmen Carrillo It was a typical Sunday afternoon with sports on the family TV and me curled up with a book in the study. Wanting to breathe fresh air, I ambled to the backyard where a warm breeze moved the apple tree branches and felt somehow unpleasant. The sky was […]

What is the Regional Vegetation Mgmt. Joint Powers Agency?

This is the most recent result of North Hills working with other area groups to move toward a safer living environment. In response to the long term drought and growing risk of wildfires caused by climate change, the Oakland City Council passed a resolution authored by Councilmember Dan Kalb and Council President Pro Tempore Sheng Thao authorizing the City of […]