Scouts Complete Stair Repair

Scouts Complete Repair of 62 Steps at Gateway Fire Resistant Demonstration Garden Mason Chen, an Eagle Scout candidate from Piedmont Boy Scouts Troop 15, led a major effort over the spring and summer to replace a number of deteriorated steps in the garden. He and his team added Trex decking boards to the top of […]

A collection of remnants from Brenda Reinertson

A year after the fire I entered the CCA as a student. One of my fellow students had made a series of small figures that inspired me to incorporate them with melted glass and wood found after the fire representing how we all felt adrift and in search of a place to land after losing […]

Remnants from Barbara Silverberg

This tall metal bird (3.5 feet) was on my wooden deck prior to the fire. Surprisingly it did not totally melt however it could no longer stand since the metal legs were twisted from the heat. A friend of mine took the bird on a long ride to a metal worker friend living in Hat […]

Darrell Hunger art inspired by the firestorm

This was the first sculpture I made after the destruction of my home. When I first encountered the remains of my house I found on top of the pile of ash two intact ceramic goblets fused to a portion of glass. This seemed to be a miracle that these did not break since there was […]

Scouts Install Edging Along Firestorm Memorial Garden Sidewalk

Over the past few weeks, scouts from Piedmont Boy Scouts Troop 15 helped Eagle Scout candidate Nathan Catalano install Trex edging along the sidewalk on Hiller to retain the soil from the Firestorm Memorial Garden. As part of his project, Nate had to measure sections to determine how much Trex was needed.  Using donated Trex […]

Getting Back to Work and Fun this Fall

As we venture out again after months of hunkering down during Covid, watching the news of infections among fully vaccinated individuals, please take note of these upcoming events that the North Hills Community Association board is planning to strengthen our North Hills community.  Please share with neighbors and other friends who don’t subscribe to our […]

A collection of remnants from Carolyn Burgess  

“I do remember using all these items for the fun dinner parties I had and cherishing the sugar bowl of my grandmothers and the demitasse cup given to me by a dear friend who has since passed away.“ “When I look at the wall display, I do remember that these were some of my favorite […]

Hillary Conlon’s Shrine to the Fire Victims

When my family and I first moved into our new home in the Oakland Hills in 2003, we began our landscaping like any other family, but then I started finding items in the dirt that seemed to belong to the previous occupants of the land. We had bought the lot from people who had bought […]

Sue Piper’s Post Fire Garden Quilt

Sue Piper’s Post Fire Garden Quilt—I had made a smaller quilt like this before the fire, based on art from Lois Ehler’s children’s book Planting a Rainbow.  Several months after the fire, when I felt the urge to quilt again, I decided to remake the quilt but larger.  The flowers represent the flowers that had […]

Goats in the Hills

Goats in the Hills Living in the Oakland hills we have become used to seeing the goat herds on the hillsides during springtime, ‘mowing down’ the grasses and weeds, which are a big part to management the vegetation in hard to reach hillsides for fire prevention.  We interviewed two of the goat herders, Alberto, and […]