A collection of remnants from Brenda Reinertson

A year after the fire I entered the CCA as a student. One of my fellow students had made a series of small figures that inspired me to incorporate them with melted glass and wood found after the fire representing how we all felt adrift and in search of a place to land after losing […]

First person narrative of fighting the fire on Alvarado By Robert Mueller

First person narrative of fighting the fire on Alvarado. NOTE: NHCA does not condone staying behind in a wildfire–45 min audio file North Hills Association · Community Comeback story – First person narrative of fighting the fire on Alvarado You can use this map to follow Roberts movements during his 48 hours inside the Firestorm […]

Remnants from Barbara Silverberg

This tall metal bird (3.5 feet) was on my wooden deck prior to the fire. Surprisingly it did not totally melt however it could no longer stand since the metal legs were twisted from the heat. A friend of mine took the bird on a long ride to a metal worker friend living in Hat […]

Darrell Hunger art inspired by the firestorm

This was the first sculpture I made after the destruction of my home. When I first encountered the remains of my house I found on top of the pile of ash two intact ceramic goblets fused to a portion of glass. This seemed to be a miracle that these did not break since there was […]