Chevron Day @ Gateway Gardens & Pavilion – Sept 15, 2022

On a beautiful early Fall Thursday morning, Vicki & Dan welcomed 18 hard-working Chevron volunteers to help at the Gateway Garden. The objective was to follow the garden maintenance plan in getting the garden ready for Winter after a Summer of garden clean-up and detailing with the help of our various volunteer groups, which include Oakland Parks and Recreation Foundation/Schnitzer Steel, The Berkeley Project and partner groups including BrightView Landscaping and Big Chief Tree Service.

Mulch is on its way!

Yes, the gardens are in the process of being mulched in September and October after the detailing is completed. The mulch will assist with weed control, moisture retention and will provide much needed nutrients. If you have not been to the gardens lately, please visit and you will notice and enjoy the gardens’ transformation this season! 

The Chevron volunteers completed their assigned task of mulching Zones 1A/B, Zones 9 and 10, plus weeding Zone 8 to get it ready for next Saturday’s mulching with Sequoyah Community Church. Thank you to Chevron for the manpower and thank you Big Chief Tree Service for providing the garden mulch. 

We hope to see our Chevron friends again next Spring ’23 as we get the gardens ready for next season!

Vicki Oliveira & Dan Conolly
NHCA Garden Committee Co-Chairs

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