On a beautiful sunny day, Saturday, March 12, about 20 UC Berkeley volunteers helped with weeding in the Demonstration Garden on Old Tunnel Road. The North Hills community Association garden committee, led by Celine Gyger, organized the event. It was a great success as the students are very energetic and bagged several dozen giant green bags of weeds. Several board members also joined in the work as well as Sue and Gordon Piper, who were the original movers and shakers behind the gardens. However they have moved to Oregon so we really need lots of folks to help out!

The Cal students will come again on April 16. The garden committee may try to create one day a month where folks come and help weed for a couple of hours. Stay tuned and come help! It’s a lot of fun and good exercise with a lovely view!!

The students are from the Berkeley Project (an association that bridge the gap between the students and the community). Abby Tan is Co-President of the Berkeley Project, she organized the event with me and was on site with us.

Mary Alice Rathbun, Carolyn Burgess(board member) and Dave McGuiness were very involved as well with the organization of the event. We had the visit of Sue and Gordon Piper.

Celine the Cal chief volunteer organizer.

Nancy Mueller, NHCA board member

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