Equipment & Facilities 

  • The MACRO leadership ordered a sample uniform from GALLS uniform supplier for the field crew. Galls Oakland will join the MACRO crews on March 23, 2022, to collect uniform measurements from MACRO crew members.
  • The MACRO team and Oakland Fire Dispatch are exploring a number for the public to use outside of the 911 route. In addition to the 911 access to MACRO, there will be a 10-digit phone number that connects directly to the Fire Dispatch Center in addition to the current non-emergency OFD number (510-444-3322). There is a meeting scheduled for Friday March 4, 2022, between OPD Dispatch, Fire Dispatch & MACRO leadership to discuss ways of working and preparing for the April 9, 2022, launch date.

Community Advisory Board 

  • The MACRO team has finalized a plan with Jeweld Legacy Group to interview all 31 Community Advisory Board applicants starting the week of March 14, 2022

Community Outreach 

  • The MACRO program manager met with a representative for the Alternative Mobile Services Association (AMSA), a professional organization out of Portland OR, working to bring together all Alternative Response Service Models together, share best practices, and create a professional organization. MACRO is planning to join AMSA before targeted launch date.
  • MACRO Program manager presented an update to the National Task Force for America’s Mayors Alternative Dispatch Systems working group on the status of MACRO, current challenges, and projected launch date.
  • MACRO Leadership updated the MACRO website to make the website useful to community members and reflective of the progress and the immediate program timeline. (City of Oakland | The Mobile Assistance Community Responders of… (

 A copy of all weekly update for February 2022 can be found at: City of Oakland | Weekly MACRO Updates from February 2022 (

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