Oakland Parks & Recreation Foundation/ Schnitzer Steel Conquer Gateway Garden! 

On a bright and sunny August 25th afternoon at Gateway Garden & Pavilion NHCA gardenco-chairs Vicki Oliveira and Dan Conolly held their first corporate garden volunteer event with Oakland Parks & Recreation Foundation and partner Schnitzer Steel from Oakland.

It was a hard-working Schnitzer group that was split into two work groups after the gardenhistory and the day’s work plan/site plan were reviewed – mulch group, weeding group.

We are the end of Summer season so the garden focus is weeding then the mulching can start and be completed during the Fall months so the garden can rejuvenate over the Winter.

Group #1– Weeded the 3 (of 13) highlighted work zones by removing fire prone Rosemary plus Honey Suckle, Johnston Grass, Bermuda Grass, Mustard Grass and other non-native grasses.

Our Schnitzer Steel volunteer group provided a great jump start to meet those objectives:

Group #2 – Started the Fall mulching process by spreading mulch throughout 1/4 of the garden.

What a day of progress, so while the teams debriefed the group celebrated with some ice cream!

This was Schnitzer Steels first NHCA volunteer garden day. We ALL agreed it will not be their last!

Volunteer Reminder – Please check the NHCA web site calendar for the Fall volunteer schedule which include Chevron, Sequoyah Church, Insurance Foundation plus our local Friday volunteers.

See you at the Gardens!

Dan Conolly & Vicki Oliveira

NHCA Garden Committee Co-Chairs 

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