This tall metal bird (3.5 feet) was on my wooden deck prior to the fire. Surprisingly it did not totally melt however it could no longer stand since the metal legs were twisted from the heat. A friend of mine took the bird on a long ride to a metal worker friend living in Hat Creek Calif.  He gradually reshaped the legs and was able to get the bird to stand once again.  Then another long ride back to my now rebuilt home and the “phoenix” landed on the deck again.


This Japanese bowl survived the heat of the fire because it had been fired already.  Surprisingly it also survived the collapse of the burning house.  You can see the bits of glass and ash that had been adhered by the intense heat.

Memory Box

This memory box was constructed by a friend of mine. She put in many of my favorite pieces that I had saved from the ashes after the fire. There are shards of Japanese and American Indian pottery. Saved stones from beaches I had visited. In the center left you can see the missing hand from the bronze climbing woman who is now in place back on the front deck.

Memory Box

Bronze climbing woman (missing hand) now at home on entry deck

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