Shattered Dreams

This was the first sculpture I made after the destruction of my home.

When I first encountered the remains of my house I found on top of the pile of ash two intact ceramic goblets fused to a portion of glass. This seemed to be a miracle that these did not break since there was nothing recognizable around the site. I added melted materials to frame it.

I named it “Shattered Dreams” because that is exactly what I felt.

This piece of art always reminds me of that day and the loss I felt.

Dark Side

Even though I had lost everything I owned, I found the creative artist in me kicked in. As I was searching my house remains for a Fire Safe I kept seeing interesting materials that could be used for sculptures. Most color around the site was charcoal gray, aluminum and dark glass.

The art piece was made from melted glass blocks, mortar, and meted aluminum.

This reminds me how dark everything was.


I made this sculpture from various parts of my home.

I came into the fire zone from west Berkeley. I got as far as Charring Cross near Hiller. I was entranced by the black smoke and deep red color of Sun. I named the sculpture “Noon” because that was about the time of the day.

This piece of art always reminds me of my close encounter with the fire and the strange beauty of the red sun light.

Color from darkness

Similar to the art piece “Dark side” it was made from melted glass blocks, mortar, and melted aluminum. This sculpture was made a year later than the dark gray pieces. As one can see bright colors were applied to the found materials.

This symbolizes how brightness can from a dark time. The Phoenix mythology.

Pillows and red ball

Prior to the fire I had made a number of sculptures and had them stored in my basement. A few days after the fire while searching for mementos I came across a partially fire modified stored sculpture. I added some melted aluminum and a round sphere. The aluminum had a form reminiscent of fire. The deep red sphere was what the Sun looked like through the smoke.

This is a piece of art combined my past with the my present at that time

This piece of reminds me not all is lost.

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