Blight, Dumping, Construction Site and Contractor Problems

The City of Oakland’s ‘crime and grime’ efforts have put a priority on responding to complaints and tips about illegal dumping, blight, abandoned construction sites or contractors operating unsafely or illegally. Here is the number to call:

For construction site blight (trash or debris at a private property construction site), illegal parking at the job site, abandoned construction sites and/or other related complaints: 238-3381

Here is the most efficient way to get the city to act:

  1. Call the number above early in the morning. Be sure you speak to a real person.
  2. Make your complaint and ask for a case number. This is important.
  3. Wait two or three days. Call back (early in the morning is the best time to get a real person.) Give them the case number and ask its status. They will read to you from their computer log what has happened.
  4. Ask for the name and phone number of the inspector who has been assigned to the case.
  5. Call this inspector between 8-9:30 in the morning and inquire about the issue.
  6. If you feel the issue is not being resolved, as the inspector the name of his/her supervisor. Call the supervisor.
  7. If you still feel you are getting no action, summarize all your conversations and contacts with city staff and send a letter to the city’s Building Official

Building Official
City of Oakland
250 Frank Ogawa Plaza
Oakland CA 94612

Follow up with the Building Official’s office a few days after sending the letter. If you still get no action, then contact Councilmember Dan Kalb’s office 238-7001. Be prepared to detail your actions to date.

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