The Berkeley Project – Starts Out the ’23 Gateway Garden Season with a Bang!!

After many pre-planning negotiations, The Berkeley Project leader Katlyn said they wanted to come and work at Gateway Garden ‘Rain or Shine’ on Saturday March 4th, so the A Team showed up and got to work straightaway removing the weeds at the Sundial and along the walking paths.

The Cal students were having a great time enjoying the lovely weather, fresh air and continuing their work from last years’ 2022 garden season. They are no strangers to the Gateway or Firestorm Memorial Garden after helping at four events last year with trimming, weeding, plant removals and mulching.

The entire team was doing great with the tedious, but very necessary job of pulling the volunteer weeds after the Winter with the backdrop of darker and darker skies looming behind us and cold winds building up.  All was good, but within minutes the dark skies finally opened up, the wind came whipping in, the rain poured down and lightening sounded!

…but was this too much to bear for The Berkeley Project Team?  NO!

The team wanted to soldier on, which they did for another 15 minutes or so, but saw no immediate break in the weather and decided to call it a day, dry off and take up the garden effort again at another future date.  It was a productive garden day I might add since most of the project area was cleaned up.

Yes, we certainly started off the season literally with a thunder ‘BANG‘. It was a day we’ll all be talking about for a long time.

Thank You Berkeley Project!  You are such a fun, pro-active and dedicated group of young people. It is our pleasure to work with you at the gardens and you should be proud of your contribution to our neighborhood.

Vicki Oliveira & Dan Conolly
NHCA Garden Co-Chairs

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