If you are interested there will be a report going to the City Council in May on the Street Sweeping Program.  This report was written in March.

There is a map you can click on to see the schedule for the hills area.  I have never seen a street sweeper in our area except when we had the preponderance of mud during the recent Dec/Jan/Feb storms.  Even then Oakland had to use trucks with large scoops on the front to clear the rocks and mud debris.
If you have an opinion or a suggestion you can email the signator of the report
-Harold Duffy Director of Oakland Public Works  hduffey@oaklandca.gov,
as well as
-Steven Falk, Interim City Administrator   sfalk@oaklandca.gov
There was a most interesting article from the Oaklandside publication.
Why is it so hard to fix Oakland streets in an emergency?
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