Special Public Safety Meeting
Thursday July 27, 2023   6pm
Montclair Presbyterian Church
5701 Thornhill Dr.

The North Hills Community Association in Conjunction with the Montclair Neighborhood Council, Rockridge NCPC, and both Adams Point and Piedmont Pines Neighborhood Groups

Sponsors an Informational Discussion with:

Pamela Price, Alameda County District Attorney


Captain Jeffery Thomason, Oakland Police Department, Acting Area 2 Captain

Janani Ramachandran, Oakland City Council District 4 Representative

This will be an in person meeting.  Zoom will not be available.

DA Price will present her views on the current state of the justice system in Alameda County.  What are the responsibilities of a District Attorney?  What should her relationship with the Oakland Police Department be?

Captain Thomason  will evaluate current patterns of crime in Oakland, including specifics of crime in Oakland’s District 4.

Councilmember Janani Ramachandran will offer her goals for District 4 and present the City Council’s approach to overcoming the challenges crime presents in the context of Oakland’s current budget restrictions.

You are invited to submit questions ahead of time to the Public Safety Chair.  They will be presented during the meeting in addition to questions from the floor.

Email: psc@northhillscommunity.org


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