Oakland Tech Inaugural Day at Gateway Garden – Sunday Nov 13th

Another volunteer day spent in the Gateway Garden!

On Sunday, November 13, Dan and Vicki met with members of the Ecology Club from Oakland Technical High School to help with garden cleanup. This volunteer garden day was initiated by Ava Stern who started Oakland Tech’s Ecology Club. Ava was introduced to Gateway Garden maintenance this past Spring/Summer and was a Friday regular. Ava enjoyed the gardening experience and chose to share the experience with others, which we are most grateful! We even had one student’s father and brother join in on the fun!

The day was spent tackling invasive grasses and clearing out dead debris. While the garden after a year of dedicated maintenance is great shape, weeds continue to sprout and require on-going maintenance. Large pockets of grasses were eradicated today along with some deadheading. It was another beautiful day to be outside with former and new friends and contributing to the beauty of our neighborhood garden.

Thank you, Ava, for inviting your fellow classmates to come help out on a Sunday, and we hope to see you again next semester!

The ’22 Gateway Garden & Pavilion and Firestorm Memorial Garden schedule of events has now been completed this year until next Spring. We will plan to do a once-a-month garden Friday over the Winter. Stay tuned . . .

Vicki Oliverira & Dan Conolly
Garden Committee Co-Chairs

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