The NHCA will host its 2020 Annual Membership Meeting this Thursday, May 28, from 7 – 8:00 p.m. via a Zoom Webinar online meeting. 
If you wish to attend, please reply to this post letting us know. Also, please let us know how many people from your household will attend. We will forward to you a separate email containing the Zoom meeting registration instructions. The registration is simple; follow the link provided in the email. Enter your name and email address in the indicated boxes on the registration page. Zoom will reply instantly with the attendee link to the meeting. 
Note: Multiple persons from a household are welcome to attend via a single registration using just one computer or device. However, if multiple persons in a household wish to attend, and each person wishes to use their own device, each will have to register separately. 
The NHCA by-laws  stipulate that at least 20 members, including board members, must be present at the meeting in order to conduct NHCA official business. We will take a count of those attending to ensure we have at least 20 members present. You are automatically a member if you are an adult physically residing or owning property within the NHCA’s geographic boundaries  or are a merchant or institution whose place of business is physically situated within those boundaries.
At our meeting, we will be asking you – our membership – to elect the 2020-2021 board of directors. The board has proposed a slate of candidates, listed below, for your consideration. We can also accept board nominations from the floor, provided there are at least ten individuals present who are willing to endorse the nominee. In addition, we are proposing a minor change to the bylaws, explained below.
Proposed Candidate Slate:

    • Ken Cohen (Current NHCA board member)
    • Steve Hanson (NHCA Chair for the 2019-2020 board term)
    • Alicia Johnson (New proposed board member)
    • Chris Johnson (2nd Vice-Chair and Chair of the Public Safety Committee for the 2019-2020 board term)
    • David McGuinness (Current NHCA board member)
    • Nancy Mueller (Current NHCA board member)
    • Sue Piper (Current NHCA secretary)
    • Brenda Roberts (Treasurer for the 2019-2020 board term)
    • Elizabeth Stage (1st Vice-Chair for the 2019-2020 board term)

Proposed By-Laws Modification:

Article XIV, Section 6 of the the North Hills Community Association By-Laws specifies that the NHCA Board of Directors (BoD) will announce to its membership 30 days in advance of the next NHCA Annual Meeting any changes it wishes to propose to the NHCA By-Laws. At the March 19 Annual Meeting, members in attendance will be asked to vote to approve or reject the proposed changes.

The BoD has proposed adding a new section (Section 10) to ARTICLE V – BOARD OF DIRECTORS

The new section shall read, “Section 10. Conflict of Interest. All Board members shall be required to sign a conflict of interest statement annually.”

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