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Earthquake Preparedness

Communication Trainings

Oakland Radio Communications Association (ORCA) – Oakland’s Amateur Ham Radio Club provides trainings and exercises to keep you up to speed.

ARES/RACES – is the emergency arm of the Amateur Radio Service. They provide training and support in Oakland during a disaster.
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Safe Parking in the Hills

Many of our streets are winding and very narrow, making it difficult for emergency responders to get through, especially when cars are parked on the streets. Fire trucks and paramedics need quick access for medical emergencies as well as for fires and other disasters.

We encourage property owners to use their garages and driveways to park their cars. Park heading towards the street so you can leave in a hurry if you need to evacuate. If you must park on the street, please leave at least 11 feet between you and the other side of the street, and avoid parking near curves. Fire trucks need space, especially when navigating bends in the road. Vehicles impeding first responders can be ticketed.

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