2023 Garden Season Kick-Off with Bentley School at the Firestorm Memorial Garden!

On a beautiful clear sunny day with a break in the winter storms, Vicki & Dan welcomed Ryan Nepomuceno and his Bentley design class composed of 14 eager middle school students at Firestorm Memorial Garden to kick-off the NHCA 2023 garden program.

This is Bentley’s 2nd volunteer event and there was much to do after the past few winter months of no weeding or trimming, along with lots of rainfall since the garden was mulched in the Fall of 2022.

More garden work is coming up in the next few months following a disciplined zone-by-zone approach, so today’s focus was on the west side of Zone 6. The group concentrated on removing invasive grasses and thistle before they start to take over. Weeding small low grasses is tedious work and the volunteers did a great job.

It was a wonderful start to the garden season. We are grateful for Ryan and the Bentley School support of the NHCA Firestorm Memorial Garden program.

Vicki Oliveira & Dan Conolly
NHCA Garden Co-Chairs

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